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Last adjustment: May 2018

The following content has changed:

  • §9 was devided into §9 'nextbike GmbH Liabilities' and §10 'customer Liabilities'
  • former §9 'nextbike GmbH Liabilities and Customer Liabilities 7) The customer is liable for damages up to 48h after returning the bike' was removed
  • all website references were provided with hyperlinks
  • §7 'Parking of the Rental Bikes' was stated more precisely
  • We renamed our 'RadCard tariff' 'annual rate'.
  • §12 'Use of Customer Cards, an e-ticket or Electronic Employee ID Card' (former §11): we abolished the Customer Card and adjusted the following paragraphs: 3) the sending out of customer cards was stopped; 4) Already received nextbike customer cards remain valid; 5) The sending out of a replacement card is not possible anymore.
  • we completed our website list and added deezernextbike.de and visanextbike.de