E-Bike-Rental in Karlsruhe

There are two Fächerrad-E-Bike-stations, at the main railway station and the Berliner Platz. In total there are 16 Fächerrad-E-Bikes ready for you at the stations. 


E-Bike rental 

To rent an E-Bike, touch the screen at the station and hold you customer card in front of the sensor or enter your login data to the menu.  The chosen E-Bike will be unlocked auotmatically. Informations about prices you can find here


Lock the E-Bike on the way

When you are on the way, you can secure the bike with the bike lock. Close the lock on the front wheel. To open the lock, hold your customer card on the BikeComputer or enter the lock code. 


E-Bike return

You can return the bikes on both official stations. Push the bike into the locking station. When locking at a manual dock, make sure the cable-lock on the front hub is in place. Our smartbike docks will lock automatically. More informations about the rental you can find here


Note: Our product 'E-Bike' is de facto a so called Pedelec. This is a bike with limited motor-assistance which comes into effect when pedalling. Legaly no helmet or driving licence duty applies.