Charges are incurred every 30 minutes

Rental rates

The Normal Fare costs 1 € per 30 minutes; 9 € per 24 hours max.

The RadCard Fare is our flat fare: For a flat charge of 48 € you get the first 30 minutes per ride free, Germany-wide. This is a yearly fare that automatically extends itself for an additional year if the card isn't cancelled within 4 weeks of the deadline.

Customer card

The customer card makes the process of rental and return at the terminal easier and can be ordered additionally for any fare for a fee of 2 €.

Registration is free

  • Before going on your first ride, the chosen method of payment must be activated.
  • Activation is done by a 1 € charge that is done upon registration
  • This 1 € is used as starting credit and can be used in all of the available rates
  • Accepted payments: credit card, direct debit
  • Direct debit: SEPA direct debit
  • Credit card: As soon as the customer account shows a balance, a minimum of 1 € will be deducted. The remaining balance will remain indefinitely
  • You can change your preferred payment method at any time

Special offers

For partners in your city that currently have a special offer, please refer to the page Partners under your account. In case the page isn't being shown, there are no partners in your city at this time.

For the e-bikeike rental, e.g. in Bietigheim-Bissingen or Burghausen, special rates apply. The RadCard-fare can't be applied in this case.

Price list for Germany

Here you can download our price list for Germany.

Account information

Recipient: nextbike GmbH
Account no.: 401833900
Bank code: 12070024
IBAN: DE46120700240401833900
Bank name: Deutsche Bank AG
Reference: Just your telephone number