Register for free

Before using the bike for the first time, you have to set up a customer account.

Once you are registered, you can use our system in all participating cities and countries. This means being able to use our bikes in more than 30 German cities and our partner regions. One customer account allows you to rent up to four bikes at the same time. Gift cards or discounts can only be applied to a single bike.

Rent via app or at the terminal

Ausleihe des nextbikes

You can register your account online, at the terminals, via hotline, with our partners or the nextbike app.

Easy to rent

Fahrrad öffnen

You can rent a bike during the whole year, at any time of the day. You get the code for the combination lock from the terminal, via phone or the nextbike app. To unlock the bike, simply enter the code into the combination lock.


Rückgabe des nextbikes

Returns can only be done at an offical nextbike station. Lock the bike and confirm the return by call, at the terminal or via app.

Apps for nextbike

Here you can find information about nextbike smartphone apps. Don't see one on the list? Please contact us!